Attention to goals

Our customers notice, our commitment to achieve their goals in practice.
Be one of our customers and notice the difference.


We plan digital strategies based on your goals


We execute the planning and monitor day-to-day actions


We analyze the partial results and their impact on objectives


Based on the results, we suggest improvements with a focus on your goals

Social Networks

Digital strategy, content creation and publishing on Social Networks and frequent interaction with fans/ followers.

Google AdWords/ Social Ads

Strategy, planning and campaign management on Google Adwords and Social Ads (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.).

Website development

Creation and development of responsive sites and hot sites (desktop, mobile and tablet). Usability, navigation and SEO.

Site Management

Updates, promotions and content make up, SEO, email marketing and strategic analytical reports.

Digital consulting

Digital analysis of the brand and consulting for the customer’s staff to work on the proposed digital planning.

Digital training

Training courses in Digital Marketing, Management of Social Networks, Social Ads, etc., allowing a Certificate as a Trainer.

Customer Care

Creation, update and management of external platforms with responses to reviews.

Mobile APPs and Facebook

Creation and development of mobile applications and applications for Facebook.

Special projects

Tell us the digital problems of your business and we will develop a customized special design.

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viral taste

Trabalhamos com pessoas e empresas que admiramos.

Este nosso lema é o que torna a Viral Taste muito próxima dos clientes. Os novos clientes chegam por indicação dos clientes atuais, o que é muito gratificante para a nossa equipe, sendo a forma mais pura de reconhecimento.