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Our History

Viral Taste was one of the first digital agencies in São Paulo specializing in Social Media.

Viral Taste Social Media was founded by Thiago Kafejian, also founder of Maikai Films, which produces corporate films.

The agency grew quickly, gaining various segments such as retail business accounts, B2B, decoration, civil construction, services, automotive, pharmaceutical, fashion, health care and others, which encouraged us to expand and diversify our digital services into a communication group with the following companies: Maikai Movies, Unique Studio, 3D Maikai and Viral Taste.


Foundation of Maikai Movies

In just three years, the producer of corporate films has boasted major accounts such as Telefónica (current Vivo), Petrobras, Sanofi, Coca-Cola, etc.


Unique Studio specializing in media

With team specializing in strategic media planning, media buying, and location scouting. He attended many ATL and BTL agencies that did not have an internal media department.


Maikai 3D artistic perspectives

Maikai 3D joins the group with its artistic perspectives on plants and architecture projects. It serves the civil construction segment.


Viral Taste Foundation and Group Growth

Videos were developed for social networks with Maikai Movies, performance media (Facebook Ads and Google AdWords) in conjunction with Unique Studio. Before the first year Viral Taste had already developed mobile applications and websites.


Viral Taste acquires Unique Studio

Digital planning to expand and media performance – conversion into sales and lead generation. Agency is certified by Google AdWords.


Viral Taste opens in Lisbon, Portugal

Aiming to “sell Portugal” to the Brazilian market and to bring Brazilian innovation to the Portuguese market, Viral Taste was created in October.

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